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Learn How to Strengthen Your Family Ties

Family Therapy in Spartanburg, SC

As a family therapist, I have seen an incredible amount of growth and changes. As a team, I engage with the members of the family to work towards their personal goals. It can be very powerful to help each member open up about their feelings and could reveal answers to questions about how, when, or why events have happened within the family. When we work together, communication improves that strengthening the bond between members of the family and eases stressful experiences. Often family dynamics may contribute to negative experiences like yelling, blaming, and resentment. Families can be terrible at listening to one another, and the rifts can last for years. We can work together to see how each family member is instead of who they want that family member to be. When family members begin to relate to each other in this new way, riffs can be healed.

I believe that the family functions as a system. When one family member is struggling, everyone is as well. The reverse is true also. If everyone in the family engages in therapy and is helped, it will be clear that if part of the system grows, everyone grows

Families can go through various challenges.
Here are some of the challenges that I can assist with:

-Behavior Modification Systems to Increase Family Cohesion
-Creating Better Functioning Home Environments
-Family Systems Strategies to Improve Relationships
-Family Support to Help with Grief & Loss
-Help with Marital Problems
-Building Healthy Communication and Conflict Resolution