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Find Depression or Anxiety Treatment in Spartanburg, SC

Learn how Shannon Rogers, LISW-CP provides treatment for mood disorders

Depression and anxiety can make having relationships, working, and managing your daily routine difficult. These problems often make life seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to face them alone. In Spartanburg, SC, you can work with me, Shannon Rogers, LISW-CP. Work through your depression or anxiety with me by building coping skills, understanding your feelings, and finding solutions.

When should you arrange an appointment?

If you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression, you’re welcome to reach out. I work with people diagnosed with mood disorders, as well as people without diagnoses.
Consider scheduling treatment when:

You have changes in your sleep patterns or eating habits, whether overeating or undereating
You feel unusual or unexplained sadness, hopelessness, or numbness that can indicate depression
You feel unusual or unexplained fear, worry, restlessness, or panic that can indicate anxiety
If you’re going through these things, I’ll help you experience relief. Call 864-278-0070 now to arrange for an appointment.

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